How to Become Certified

Getting international skills certification is not a complicated matter. Follow the steps below to claim your certification:


Complete your training or review with CERTS Educational Services, Inc.

Our online training program grants you access to the e-learning resources such as video lectures, study notes, MCQ assessment and simulation exam up to the day of examination.

Simulation Examination

Pass the Simulation Examination (SimEx) scheduled at least two weeks prior to the eligibility examination.

A candidate must earn a raw score of at least 35/60 to be able to take the eligibility examination.

ElbigilitY Examination

This online examination is the final exam to qualify for membership to the professional institutes.

Conducted by the National Institute of Accounting Technicians (NIAT) Philippines — the only authorized body in the Philippines to facilitate the CAT Program.


Apply for membership with the professional institute(s) to be entitled to attach the post-nominal granted by the institute.