APPA Certification Assessments

Who may avail?

  1. Currently enrolled students in the PCU-DILRFI BSA Bridging Program.
  2. Completers of the PCU-DILRFI BSA Bridging Program up to 5 months from the end of their last term.
  3. Must be at least an “Apprentice” member of APPA.

If not yet a member of APPA, Click Here to register and send your payment to the following account:

(Tommy B. Buado, Treasurer-in-Trust  )
a. Gcash, Palwan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier, Money Padala
     Account No.:   
     Account Name: 
Tommy B. Buado


  1. Interested students must accomplish the APPA Registration form for BSA Bridging Students by clicking the “Register Now” button below at least Five (5) days prior to the scheduled Simulation Exam.
  2. On the date of the Simulation Exam, login to using the same login credentials used in the CERTS PCU App.
  3. SimEx examinees must earn a rating of at least 35/60 to be included in the registry of examinees for the related APPA Certification Assessment.
  4. On the scheduled date of the Assessment, login to using the same login credentials.
  5. An examinee must earn a rating of at least 75% to pass the assessment.