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1.1 Provide a platform to prepare in the bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, taxation, business laws, and advisory services for:

     1.1.1. undergraduate courses;
     1.1.2. skills certification;
     1.1.3. government licensure examinations; and,
     1.1.4. professional re-skilling in accountancy services.


2.1 The policies stipulated herein govern the CERTS ULTIMATE MICRO ACCOUNTANCY TUTORIAL program, also referred as “Program”, for brevity.

2.2 This Program covers studies in the fields of:

   2.2.1 bookkeeping,
   2.2.2 accounting,
   2.2.3 auditing,
   2.2.4 finance,
   2.2.5 taxation, and
   2.2.6 regulatory framework for business transactions.

2.3 It comprises tutorial courses with descriptive titles consisting of modules, lessons, and topics. It is in the topics where the relevant and applicable concepts, principles, processes, standards, and rules are illuminated. It is also where the learning activities are mainly concentrated such as video lectures, readings and study notes, exercises, and assessments.

2.4 The list of available tutorial courses may be viewed by clicking the button bellow:


3.1 Students in the following programs, residing locally or abroad, are enjoined to avail of the program:

     3.1.1 Senior High School ABM program
     3.1.2 baccalaureate programs,
     3.1.3 graduate studies

3.2 Employees, entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, and other interested persons are likewise enjoined to enroll in the tutorials.


4.1 The program starts on March 27, 2023. Enrollment is continuous, 365 days a year.

4.2 A trainee has a 5-month access period, or 152 days, from the date of payment that covers the training and assessments. Within this period, s/he must pass the course assessment in order to avail of the skills certifications.


5.1 Core activities

     5.1.1 Register
     5.1.2 Pay
     5.1.3 Optimize the learning platform and activities
     5.1.4 Take assessments
     5.1.5 Build your flash score

5.2 Advanced activities
     5.2.1 Take simulation exams
     5.2.2 Take the skills assessments
     5.2.3 Receive the CERTS Recognition and Title


6.1 Accomplish the registration form:


7.1 Make payment thru any of the following modes

   7.1.1 Deposit your payment to our BPI account.
        Account No. : 3190 0037 51
        Account Name : Franklin T. Agamata

   7.1.2 Deposit your payment to our BDO UNIBANK account
        Account No. : 0032 4600 0608
        Account Name : Tommy B. Buado

   7.1.3 Gcash
        Account No. : 0917 595 2092
        Account Name : Tommy B. Buado
        *note: if over the counter (i.e. 7-11 kiosk, Palawan to Gcash), ADD 3% for the service charges*

   7.1.4 Other money transfer service providers such as Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier, Money Padala, Gcash, etc.,
        Payee : Tommy B. Buado
        Mobile no.: 0917 595 2092

7.2 Send a copy of your deposit slip (with complete name, contact no., email address) to certs.headoffice.finance@gmail.com or thru our FB messenger: certs educational services.

7.3 We do not have a refund policy once your account is activated.


8.1 Learning is done through our Learning Management System, “certs accountancy tutorial”, or simply “CERTS app”.

8.2 Download the certs app thru the website: https://certsedu.tech/app-download/.

8.3 The CERTS app runs in the windows 10 and 11 environment, MacOS, and android for mobile phones.

8.4 Learning is basically self-directed, on learner’s space, pace, and time.

8.5 It provides you reading and presentation materials, interactions, and assessments.

8.6 The learning activities with their corresponding materials comprise the following:
   8.6.1 Recorded video lectures
   8.6.2 Study notes
   8.6.3 Illustrative applications
   8.6.4 Readings and references
   8.6.5 Exercises
   8.6.6 Assessments

8.7 The system already includes unlimited access to video lectures, reading materials and exercises and practice assignments.

8.8 Reading materials in “pdf” files are downloadable.

8.9 We follow an open-time, open-schedule, self-paced review, and training system. The schedule is at your will. Our learning resources are on the web servers ready for access.

8.10 You will have an access to our e-learning materials within 24 hours after payment of your training and assessment fees.


9.1 The Flash Score is derived on the ratings of these assessments:
          Topical assessments       40%
          Course assessments       60%
          Total                                 100%

9.2 The number of topical assessments is unlimited. However, there is a minimum of three (3) takes. The rating of the topical assessment is the average of the three (3) highest scores.

9.3 There are only two (2) limited number of takes in the course assessments. The higher rating will be considered as the course assessment rating.

9.4 An assessment not taken is considered having a zero rating.

9.5 A trainee must have a raw score of at least 80% to qualify in taking the simulation exam.

9.6 A trainee who fails to obtain the required rating as mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph must re-enroll the course to attain the said rating.


10.1 It is conducted online using the same certs learning app.

10.2 A candidate MUST get a raw rating of 75% to qualify in taking the actual integrative assessment.

10.3 A trainee who fails to obtain the required rating as mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph must re-enroll the course to attain the said rating.


11.1 The Skills Assessment is to be given online using the CERTS Professional Assessment System (CPAS)as the platform.

11.2 A candidate MUST get a raw rating of 75% in the skills assessment to obtain the Certificate of Skills Recognition and Excellence or “skills certification”.

11.3 A trainee who fails to obtain the required rating as mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph must re-enroll the course to attain the said rating.

11.4 The skill certifications are requirements for the issuance of the CERTS Recognition and Title, which is equivalent to a membership professional title.


12.1 A CERTS Title may be issued when the required skills Certificates of Skills Recognition and Excellence have been obtained. The mapping of CERTS Title may be viewed by clicking the button below: