How to Study

* Learning is done through our online learning platform, “certs educonline Review”.

* Learning is basically self-directed, on learner’s space, pace, and time.

* The CERTS app is running in the windows 10 and 11 environment, MacOS, and android for mobile phones.

* It provides you reading and presentation materials, interactions and assessments.

* Our online learning materials include video lectures, reading materials, exercises, problems and simulation exam.

* The system already includes unlimited access to video lectures, reading materials and exercises and practice assignments.

* Reading materials are downloadable.

* We follow an open-time, open-schedule, self-paced review and training system. The schedule is at your will. Our learning resources are on the web servers ready for access until the day of the actual exam.

* We also have live Online Mentoring Session (OMS) to summarize the concepts and procedures covered in the exams; normally, it runs for 2 days, at least 2 hours a day. Live OMS is not available for re-publication. OMS is only a supplement to your personal training activities that comprise your preparation level.

* Simulation exams are also conducted online using the same certs learning app. A candidate MUST get a rating of at at least 35/60 to qualify in taking the actual NIAT exam.

* The links for the OMS and the SIMEX will be provided to your course room at least a day before the published schedule in our website:

* The actual exam to be administered by NIAT is given online, real time, using Schoology as the platform.

* You will be given access to our e-learning materials within 24 hours after payment of your training and exam fees po. Your access will be activated for 6 months only.

* Your fee to access our learning materials is good for six (6) months from the date of payment.

* Kindly read the other program policies at:

Simulation Exams

* Learners are required to take the simulation exams and get a minimum score of 35/60 to qualify in taking the skills certification assessment.

* A learner who fails to obtain the said minimum rating shall be given another chance to retake the simex in the immediately next schedule.

* Under reasonable circumstances, a learner may not able to the take the simex as scheduled. The same learner may be allowed to take the simex in the immediately succeeding schedule. Failure to do such shall be considered as having waived the privilege to take the 2nd simex.

* A learner has only one chance to make a rescheduling of its simex, regardless of reasons.

* A learner who fails to take the second or rescheduled simex shall be considered withdrawn from the course, had obtained an insufficient score in the simex, and the corresponding access to the learning materials shall be disconnected.

* After another failure to get the minimum rating in the simex, the learner may still take the succeeding simex after payment of five hundred pesos (P500.00) on a per retake basis.

* The access to the certs app learning resources shall be disconnected for those who have failed to obtain the minimum simex rating after two (2) takes. The reconnection of the said access is made after payment of one thousand pesos (P1,000.00) and the same shall cover only one batch of training period.

* A learner is given only six (6) months to complete the training and NIAT exam from the date of payment. Otherwise, the payment is forfeited and access to the CERTS learning app will be discontinued.

* Factors and circumstances not within the control of CERTS during the date and time of the assessments/exams are not bases to reconsider the rating of an examinee such as, but not exclusive to, fortuitous events, slow internet connection, problem with the examinee’s device, electronic devices and other mechanical issues, brownouts, as well as health, psychological, and related issues.

* A learner who has been approved to reschedule the simulation exam MUST send a message thru the CERTS FB page at least a week before the next SIMEX schedule clearly stating his/her intention to take the said SIMEX, otherwise, will not be given an access code to take the same.

* The decision of the CERTS Academic Board is final with respect to the simex rating results.


Learners are allowed to reschedule their NIAT exam date only once if, and only if, his/her name is not included in the List of Examinees submitted to NIAT. The said NIAT EXAM rescheduling will be accommodated after paying a fee of P2K pesos.

Learners who failed to, or willingly did not, take the NIAT scheduled exam shall pay an amount of P3K for student or P4K for professional to be admitted as an examinee in the next NIAT exam schedule.