Restructure your Learning Processes and Thrive in the New Environment

Integrate the management of the learning and teaching activities!

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Here are few reasons to use the CERTS platform


Manages the learning materials publications

The LMS requires learning structure and standards to be in place prior to the preparation of learning materials and in the conduct of learning activities.

Learning materials are required to be uploaded/published before the start of the program.

Proprietary Interest

Protects the proprietary interests of authors, writers and other members of the learning content development team

The talents and scientific works of the authors, course writers, presenters or lecturers, and researchers are identified, logged and their ownerships are protected in the systems.


Integrates the management of the learning and teaching activities to:

a) Allow the restructuring of the learning processes in order to thrive in the new environment.

b) Engage learners to set their target performance in the course through the “Flash Score”.

c) Monitor learner’s real-time performance vis a vis the target performance through learning analytics.

A Versatile Tool for your Online Learning Facility Development