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Promulgating Policies

CERTS Open Olympiad
Global Skills Certification Edition

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1. What and When

1.1 These rules and procedures relate to the CERTS OPEN OLYMPIAD – CPALE EDITION, herein referred as “OPEN OLYMPIAD” or “OLYMPIAD”, for brevity.

1.2 The OLYMPIAD is scheduled in every 4th week of August and September of each year, unless otherwise changed by the CERTS Executive Board.

1.3 The OLYMPIAD covers all the 6 CPALE courses (or subjects) with the following number of multiple-choice questions to be given in each course for the August 2022 schedule:

No. of MCQs


Financial Accounting and Reporting


August 27, 2022



Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting


August 28, 2022





August 29, 2022



Management Services


August 30, 2022





August 31, 2022



Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions


September 1, 2022


1.4 The MCQs include both the concepts and applications of the lessons covered in each course (or subject) as promulgated by the Board of Accountancy.

1.5 The OLYMPIAD will promptly start and all participants must have been already logged in at 15 minutes before the scheduled exam.

2. Who may join?

2.1 All BSA graduates, graduating students, and CPALE reviewees residing locally or abroad, are enjoined to participate in this OLYMPIAD.

2.2 Certified Public Accountants may join the Olympiad but are not entitled in the prizes as mentioned in paragraphs “5.1”, “5.3.2”, “5.3.3”, and “5.4.1”.

3. How

3.1 Register by clicking the “REGISTER NOW” button above or using the following link: http://rewards.certs-educonline.com/rewards/certs-open-olympiad-cpale-edition

3.2 The OLYMPIAD will be taken using the CERS Professional Assessment System (CPAS). It is a browser-based systems and is optimally accessed using chrome, firefox, brave, and zafari.

3.3 Enter “https://cpas.certs-educonline.com” in the URL or address bar to reach the log in page. Enter your designated email address and passcode you used in the registration form.

3.4 Our assessment system runs on android-powered smart phone, laptop or desktop in the windows 10 and 11 environment, MacOS, iphone, and ipad.

3.5 The deadline of registration is on August 25, 2022, 11:59PM.

4. Registration Fees

4.1 The registration fee is Two Hundred Pesos (PhP 200.00) regardless of the number of course(2) to be taken.

4.2 All fees derived from the registration shall be awarded to the winners in each course and to the overall winner for the entire OLYMPIAD.

4.3 To pay:

4.3.1 Banks

   a) BPI 
     Account No : 
3190 0037 51
     Account Name : 
Franklin Agamata

   b) BDO
     Account No : 
017 3042 7381
     Account Name : 
Andrew T. Chag-usen

   c) Gcash
     Account No. : 0917 3123727
     Account Name : Andrew T. Chag-usen

     *note: if over the counter (i.e. 7-eleven kiosk, Palawan to Gcash), ADD 3% for the service charges*

   e) Other Money transfer service providers such as Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier, Money Padala, etc.,
     Payee : ANDREW T. CHAG-USEN
     Contact no.: 0917 3123727

11.5 The OLYMPIAD fee is non-refundable.

11.6 Send a copy of your deposit slip (with complete name, contact no., email address) to the facebook page: certs educational services.


5.1 Monetary Prizes

5.1.1 All net registration fees derived therefrom shall be awarded to the TOP SCORER in each field of competency.

5.1.2 Net registration fees refer to the total proceeds from registration less ten percent for the system and administration costs.

5.1.3 The Top Scorer is the one obtains the highest raw score percentage (HRSP) in each CPALE course and in the overall CPALE results. The HRSP is the number of correct answers in questions divided by the number of total questions thereof.

5.1.4 Fifty percent (50%) of the combined net registration fees is the prize for the OVERALL TOP 1 CPALE REVIEWEE.

5.1.5 Fifty percent (50%) of the combined net registration fees PER COURSE is the prize of the TOP 1 CPALE COURSE STUDENT.

5.1.6 In case of a tie, the monetary prizes will be divided equally among the number of participants who obtained the same highest raw score percentage.

5.1.7 You can view the updated POT PRIZE until the date of the OLYMPIAD thru the registration link as provided in paragraph “2.2

5.2 Certificate of Recognition

5.2.1 A certificate entitled “Recognition of Excellence in Competency” will be awarded by the Asia Pacific Professional Association (APPA) to those who obtained eighty percent (80%) and above raw score percentage in each of the six CPALE courses.

5.3 Auxiliary Scholarships

5.3.1 All reviewees and students who obtained sixty five percent (65%) raw score percentage in any of the six CPALE courses will be entitled to a free associate membership fee in the Asia Pacific Professional Association (APPA) for two years. (www.appamembership.org).

5.3.2 Participants who received monetary prizes as mentioned in paragraph “5.1” and those who received the certificate of recognition from APPA as stated in paragraph “5.2” will be given FREE ADMISSION to the CERTS Online CPALE Review program within one (1) year from the date of grant.

5.3.3 Participants who choose to enroll in the CERTS Online CPALE Program will be entitled for a fifty (50%) scholarship within one (1) year from the date of grant.

6.4 And more . . . all participants will have the:

6.4.1 Chance to snap the “Winner Take All” prizes.
6.4.2 Chance to simulate the CPALE arrangement and mirroring of questions.
6.4.3 Chance to assess the level of preparation for the CPALE vis a vis the other participants

6. Results

6.1 The results of the OLYMPIAD are immediately shown in the CPAS Results Page after clicking the “Finish” button. You may view the results by returning to the assessment first page, go to the assessment, and click button “Responses”.

6.2 The OLYMPIAD Results will be published within the week after the date of the said event through the following:

Websites :      https://certsedu.tech


FB pages :       certs educational services


6.3 Each course will have equal points in computing the Overall Top 1 CPALE Reviewee’s rating.

7. Miscellaneous provisions

7.1 You are advised to check the functionality of your access by testing to answer the demo assessment given in the course room using the same registration link in paragraph “2.2”.

7.2 All examinees must be in the course room at least fifteen (15) minutes before the exam schedule.

7.3 Factors and circumstances not within the control of CERTS during the date and time of the OLYMPIAD exam proper are not bases to reconsider the rating of an examinee such as, but not exclusive to, fortuitous events, slow internet connection, problem with the examinee’s device, brownouts, electronic devices and other mechanical issues, as well as health, psychological, and related issues.

7.4 The decision of the CERTS Academic Board is final with respect to this OPEN OLYMPIAD results.

8. Enrollment and access to the CPALE Review Program

8.1 The enrollment period for the May 2023 CPALE Batch starts on August 16, 2022 until September 30, 2022.

8.2 The access period shall be from October 1, 2022 to May 22, 2023.

8.3 For other details regarding the CERTS Online CPALE Review Program, kindly visit our website: https://certsedu.tech.