1. Training and learning are made through our proprietary Learning Management System, “certs”.
  2. It provides you reading and presentation materials, interactions and assessments.
  3. The basic procedures in using the certs app are presented in a video shown at the right.

Devices and Interconnections

4. Download the certs app using the button below.

5. The certs app runs in windows 10 environment, MacOS, and android-powered mobile devices.

6. You may use two (2) or more devices to access your account.

7. You are responsible for a reasonably strong interconnection, which is crucial in accessing our learning materials and in taking assessments.

Training Schedule

8. We follow an open-time, open-schedule, self-paced review and training system. The schedule is at your will.

9. Our learning resources are on the cloud servers ready for access until the day of the actual exam.

10. The schedule is presumed to be fixed unless a notice is given otherwise.

Learning Materials and Flash Score

11. The online learning materials include video lectures, reading materials, exercises, assessments, and simulation exams. The system provides unlimited access to these learning materials except when instructed otherwise. Reading materials are downloadable.

12. Related learning materials “from the web” are also included as references to your training.

13. You are encouraged to take the topical assessments, modular assessments, and course assessments.

14. Your rating on the assessments you have taken would be reflected in your Flash Score to gauge your preparedness in the taking the simulation exam and the assessment for the Certificate of Competency.

Offline LMS Capability

15. The certs LMS has a unique capability to switch to an “offline mode” after uploading all the learning materials.

16. The offline mode allows you to access the video lectures, reading materials, takes exercises and assessments.

17. The Flash Score function does not update in an offline mode. It, however, updates your flash score once you connect online.

Online Mentoring Sessions

18. We also have live Online Mentoring Session (OMS) purposely to summarize concepts and procedures covered in the assessment. It is normally conducted for (two) 2 days, at least two (2) hours a day.

19. The actual exam of APPA is given online, real time, using the APPA platform.

20. Our system runs only in Windows 10, MacOS, and android environment.

21. You will be given access to our e-learning materials within 24 hours after payment of your training and exam fees po.

Simulation Exams

22. Simulation exams, i.e., “simex”, are also conducted online using the same certs app. A candidate MUST get a rating of at least 35/60 to qualify in taking the actual APPA exam.

23. Under reasonable circumstances, a learner may not able to the take the simex as scheduled. The same learner shall be allowed to take the simex in the immediately succeeding schedule. Failure to do such shall be considered as having waived the privilege to take the 2nd simex.

24. A learner has only one chance to make a rescheduling of its simex, regardless of reasons.

25. A learner who fails to obtain the said minimum rating shall be given another chance to retake the simex in the next schedule.

26. A learner who fails to take the simex even after the approved rescheduling shall be considered withdrawn from the course, had obtained an insufficient score in the simex, and the corresponding access to the learning materials shall be disconnected.

27. After another failure to get the minimum rating in the simex, the learner may still take the succeeding simex after payment of five hundred pesos (P500.00) on a per retake basis.

28. The access to the certs app learning resources shall be disconnected for those who have failed to obtain the minimum simex rating after two (2) takes. The reconnection of the said access is made after payment of one thousand pesos (P1,000.00) and the same shall cover only one batch of training period.

29. Factors and circumstances not within the control of CERTS during the simex period are not bases to reconsider the rating of an examinee. Examples of these factors are fortuitous events, slow internet connection, problem with the examinees’ device, brownouts, health problems, and similar cases.

30. The decision of the CERTS Academic Board is final with respect to the simex rating results.

31. The simex shall cover only those topics included in the course outline.

32. Only multiple choice questions (MCQs) shall be given in the simex.

33. The maximum number of questions is 60 questions for three (3) hour

34. The decision of the CERTS Academic Board is final with respect to the simex rating results.